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Excellent AND Creative!

Patrick represented my wife and I in a very unusual case where our son was in DCS custody. What made it unusual was that all three parties—us, our son and the caseworker (i.e. the State of Arizona) were all in agreement that it was in our son's best interest to remain in DCS custody, BUT there were NO charges of abuse, abandonment or neglect. Patrick found a way to have our (the parents') Petition for Dependency to be heard. He took a VERY unique and creative approach!

Patrick is very smart, experienced, creative and compassionate. He listened to our concerns and kept me (the husband/father) calm and assured. Patrick is a fine man indeed!

Lastly but importantly, he was very fair with his billing.

Uniquely Qualified

Arizona Child & Family Law is uniquely qualified to handle complex issues in the juvenile and family courts.


I highly recommend Uri and I would hire him again. He exceeded my expectations and took great care of me and my case through several very long court processes. Uri always keeps prompt communication, is fully knowledgeable, and is upfront and honest about everything he has told me. Uri genuinely cares about the well-being of his clients.