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An angel while I walked through hell

I hired Patrick to represent me on two cases simultaneously, one in family law court and the other in juvenile court. He did a wonderful job focusing on each one individually while also coordinating between the two when they overlapped. As complex as things became Patrick always remembered the previous conversations we'd had and what had happened in the case to that point.

Patrick has a very good knowledge of the law and was able to advise me and represent me well based on that. However, his strength lies in understanding the other personalities involved and working to find a solution without always having to litigate. I did not feel that he was adverse to litigating if necessary, but rather that he always had my best interest at heart and was working to find a solution while avoiding the stress and expense of going to court if possible.

For my divorce, I did not have to go to court at all but the agreement that we negotiated was weighted heavily in my favor and I am extremely pleased with the outcome. He also got this done in about half the time we were expecting. The juvenile case was more complex and required us to partner together over a long period of time. We were ultimately successful in that case as well and my son is safe in large part due to Patrick's unwavering commitment to advocate for me and for him against all odds.

Even though Patrick is such an expert at what he does, he always listened to my thoughts and opinions and made sure to understand what was important to me as we moved forward. He was completely dedicated to helping me protect my child and truly cared about me and my family. Patrick is very patient and gentle and his calm demeanor helped me relax when we were together even though I was going through the most difficult times of my life when I hired him.

Lastly, Patrick's fees are extremely reasonable for the quality representation he provides. He was also very fair in calculating the time spent working on my case.

Uniquely Qualified

Arizona Child & Family Law is uniquely qualified to handle complex issues in the juvenile and family courts.


I highly recommend Uri and I would hire him again. He exceeded my expectations and took great care of me and my case through several very long court processes. Uri always keeps prompt communication, is fully knowledgeable, and is upfront and honest about everything he has told me. Uri genuinely cares about the well-being of his clients.